3 winning ideas to beat your competitors at content

Lead Forensics, Friday 6 June 2014
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Everywhere we look, it’s easy to see that content is king. But with more and more content being created in 2014 than ever before, it’s critical you figure out how to stand out from the crowd.

And with your competitors looming around the digital corner (ready to take your clients at any opportunity) it’s essential you make sure you’re not adopting a ‘me too’ approach when it comes to making and sharing awesome content.



To get you started, here’s 3 winning content ideas we love.

1 – Get video savvy

In the number 1 spot we have video. It’s widely known that B2B video marketing is lagging behind its consumer cousin when it comes to making use of video, but don’t let that put you off. B2B video is on the rise with a recent project from B2B Marketing and ITN Productions showing 78% of marketers said it was ‘very likely’ that they will use video in the coming 12 months.

And let’s not forget the Jean-Claude Van Damme Volvo split. Who would have thought a video demonstrating the steering capabilities of a truck could rack up a whopping 72,747,026+ views on YouTube.  It’s probably one of the most successful B2B videos…ever.

Now we know you probably won’t have Jean-Claude at your disposal, but you can make B2B video marketing work for you! Consider making video testimonials of clients and experts using your product or service. Or even making a short cartoon explaining what you do (check ours out!). If you really don’t have much budget, think about how you can utilise your smartphone for some quick shots on Vine.

And when 50% of those who view a B2B marketing video go on to make a purchase (Forbes), what have you got to lose?

2 – Original research

A sure way to beat your competitors is to add something new to the ongoing conversation. With the sheer amount of content made every day, we’re all looking for reliable, credible sources and compelling statistics to back up what we say.

Be mindful though! Search for ‘how to marketing ebook’ on google and your hit with over 135 million results. It’s time to think of exciting new ways to present your original research. Identify your target audience’s pain points and look at what your competitors are not doing to identify content gaps. Think about using your research and expertise to put together a unique template that prospects can download and use to make their job easier. Or investigate new ways of re-purposing the e-book, like a cheat sheet.

 Original research can be very powerful– it gives you the unique opportunity to present your prospects with something new and position your brand as the industry leader.

 Use current pop culture

Even in a B2B world, deep down, we’re all consumers. Any content that pulls an emotion is going to be powerful and no matter who you are, we all like to laugh. Happy leads are the best leads!

Think about key events like sport or blockbuster film releases that you know everyone is talking about.  You need to be able to make clear connections that resonate well with your target audience.. How can you tackle your prospects pain points from a different angle? Remember though, anything too obscure and you’ll end up missing the mark.

Sungard scored content points when they created a zombie apocalypse campaign featuring themed eBooks and infographics around the time World War Z came to cinemas. Promoting the content via LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter resulted in over 2,000 unique content shares and pushed their brand engagement through the roof!

Making use of current events and pop culture will give your content a fresh approach and set you apart from your competition. You never know, it could go viral…

These are just 3 ideas we love to beat your competitors at the content game. Really set yourself apart by integrating Lead Forensics website intelligence, to measure and grow your content success. Lead Forensics will give you unmatched insight into the companies accessing your website, what content drove them to your site and what content  they view. You’ll have first look access to intelligence around which content appeals to your target audience.

Find out how you can use Lead Forensics to beat your competitors to the content finish line and generate new business leads - Call 0207 206 7293 or fill out this quick form.

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