5 ways Lead Forensics can answer your B2B lead generation prayers

Jennifer Hall, Wednesday 16 May 2018
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As we edge closer to the half-way mark of 2018, those pain-points are starting to show and put pressure on results. We’ve done the research into what’s holding B2B organizations back, and here at Lead Forensics- we’re ready to give you a helping hand in producing the results you need to ensure success in 2018! Discover how our ground-breaking software is the answer to your lead generation prayers; it can generate more business leads than you’ve ever had before, help you to understand every inch of your marketing strategy and provide an accurate picture of what your ideal buyers need. Ultimately, Lead Forensics helps you get more customers- and if we’re honest, that’s what every B2B organization wants. Read on to learn how we do it… 

Lead Forensics is the market-leading software, using reverse IP tracking alongside our enormous database of business IP information (the largest such database in the world in-fact) to identify your anonymous business website visitors. 98% of your website visitors don’t inquire with you- we can change that. Lead Forensics not only tells you the businesses visiting your website, it also provides contact details for key decision makers (including location, phone and email) and detailed analysis of each website visit. Learn how visitors found your website, what pages they engaged with and the duration of their visit. Providing customers with detailed insight and analytics, it’s no wonder Lead Forensics already helps over 50,000 B2B marketing and sales professionals revolutionize their business lead generation. Why not book your free demo and your no obligation trial today?


Let’s look to 5 of the biggest pain-points faced by B2B organizations today, and how Lead Forensics can change them into opportunities! 


1) Making a lasting impression 


A problem seen by B2B professionals almost everywhere lies in clearing through the noise of competitors and creating a lasting impression on your audience. Added to this, getting in contact with prospects before anyone else is crucial in the B2B world, it not only makes that lasting impression we all crave, it also aids conversion- with almost 50% of B2B buyers purchasing from the vendor that responds first.

It’s a constant struggle, and many businesses go round in circles looking for a reliable solution, but there’s no need to worry- Lead Forensics has got you covered. Nothing looks more impressive than instant response, whether by phone or email, instantly reacting to a website visit creates that memorable impression and starts the conversation; if you were looking at some shoes online, and received an email whilst you were still on the site containing an offer for those shoes - you’d be pretty keen to go ahead and purchase them!

As the Lead Forensics software identifies web-traffic in real time, and provides the decision maker’s contact details, you’re able to follow up leads instantly, and if that wasn’t impactful and memorable enough, you can tailor your follow up approach based on the pages they engaged with on their visit. If they were specifically looking at your products page for example, then you know what they may need from you and how to spark up that initial conversation. 


Sales director at Pinksheep Phil Law sums it up perfectly- “If we could contact people we knew were looking to buy, it would give us a massive head start on any other company.”

Let us show you in a free demonstration how you can get to your prospects before any of your competitors and generate more high-quality business leads than ever before- find out more here!


2) Understanding what content to create


Whether you create content on a regular basis or just occasionally, there’s always questions surrounding what content format is best, what subject matter is popular, and what will encourage your leads to move through the B2B marketing funnel to conversion (and indeed-the sales pipeline to a sale) with speed and interest. The answer to perfect content of course, is ever changing, so B2B organizations continue to struggle with moving with the times to reliably reflect what their audience require from the content provided throughout their buyer journey.

Lead Forensics is loaded with all the information you need to perfectly tailor content, targeting your audience in a way that gives prospects what they want, without them having to ask directly for it- essentially, it’s like you’ve read their minds! As we track your website visitors and their engagement, Lead Forensics can easily tell you at a glance-


  • What industries are most engaged with your website, so you can create content specific to their business processes
  • Your most popular web pages, so you can discover their business problems and create content outlining solutions
  • What page have high bounce rates, so you know what areas switch your audience off, or may need more support from content

With such in-depth detail at your fingertips, you can pull a report of figures and plan future content strategies in a flash, so you gain a better understanding of your ideal buyer persona, and know what they need from you to convert and become clients. Find out more here…


3) Using analysis to plan for the future


Analysis is crucial to B2B success, but it takes time to gather results and marry them to solutions. For example, B2B marketers have confessed that they aren’t 100% sure how to use reported results to implement effective strategy changes to promote improvement. They say the struggle lies with finding short-term fixes to generate instant results; planning long terms strategy is one thing, but finding ways to get those last minute numbers over the line before month-end poses a problem for B2B marketing departments everywhere.

As Lead Forensics works in real time, you can see the direct impact different campaigns have on your website traffic, boosting brand awareness and engagement. You know where every website visitor has come from, enabling you to know what channel strategies have caused increased engagement and offer the best opportunities. This means, when looking for a solution to short-term lead generation, Lead Forensics holds the answers.

Your customized Lead Forensics dashboard can provide focused, easily communicated results for singular days or longer time periods, enabling B2B marketers to know exactly what their best moves are to see quick brand engagement and open up instant lead generation opportunities. Use Lead Forensics to execute quick action plans, grabbing low-hanging fruit available to your team, so you’re yielding the best high-quality results, when you need them most.

Our free demo shows you the Lead Forensics dashboard, and the incredible analysis available to you- find out more today. 


4) Data 


Data is a huge topic for B2B organizations right now, for many different reasons; whether it’s in regards to the upcoming GDPR, or the use of data to improve CRM and ABM/ABS performance, we’re all keen to know how we can maximize on the data we have to boost business lead generation, and how we can continue to gather the best quality data quickly (and legally) to give our efforts longevity.

Lead Forensics provides 3 key benefits in regards the use of data for B2B organizations:


  •  It’s GDPR complaint- read more on that here, but we can assure you that Lead Forensics is fully compliant and our clients have peace of mind for 25th May, knowing they can still have the best B2B lead generation strategy, whilst remaining GDPR happy- a win-win situation!
  • It can provide fresh, hot data- We all know having data is great. But when it’s cold data, we all need to work harder to see results. Lead Forensics provides hot data for businesses who have already visited your website- they have a need for what you offer, and expressed an interest in what you can do for them- they’re the perfect prospects! Start collecting and processing the best quality data, that’s so hot, it’s sure to drive the results you want.
  •  It has an inbuilt CRM- A well performing CRM allows data to be used, stored and processed thoroughly, and our Lead Manager function does just that. Categorize, assign and track every lead you see, continually managing your data to give you the best chance of hitting your targets for marketing right on through to sales!


5) Taking risks with pricey software that doesn’t yield a result 


This is a continuous problem for many B2B organizations- especially those with a strict budget. There are so many new tech solutions promising to benefit new business results, but they come with a heavy price tag, and organizations fall into the trap of investing in those that don’t fully suit their business needs, and fail to deliver the results they want. This adds to the overall struggle of juggling numbers and finding balance; if you test new software, you risk missing out on leads and losing valuable time and budget, is the risk worth the loss?

Here at Lead Forensics, we do our level best to soothe this pain-point by offering bespoke pricing. We have 10,000 organizations using our software, all of varying size and industry, with different reliance on their website; because of this, our pricing remains company specific, based on the amount of traffic your website sees. The software is incredibly flexible, we can even install it on specific web pages targeted at your business audiences, so it literally fits your organization like a glove.

We also run a free trial of our software before you sign any dotted line, so you know 100% that Lead Forensics delivers the results we promise. This is why our product receives a 98% satisfaction rating. Our clients are seeing outstanding ROI; we don’t just believe in our product, we know for sure, it works.

2615% ROI in month one, first sales achieved after ten minutes of using Lead Forensics!” – The Scottish Business Awards

Get ready for the rest of 2018, by tackling those B2B pain-points head on with Lead Forensics at your side to generate more sales-ready, business leads, gain invaluable insight for future marketing ventures and give your sales team every opportunity to get more customers. Claim your free demonstration and trial today!

Free trials are limited, so don’t miss out. Start your Lead Generation revolution today!



Free guide -Learn more about how Lead Forensics can fuel the ultimate multi-channel strategies for B2B marketing and sales.  Download Effective multi-channel models for marketing and sales for free today!


Effective multi-channel models for marketing and sales


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