5 Ways To Improve ROI On Your B2B Marketing Events

Lead Forensics, Saturday 20 July 2013
A view of several B2B stands at a marketing event

Events are becoming an ever-present fixture in B2B marketing strategies with organisations from all industries reporting a positive impact on the bottom line from this activity. 
Events provide an interactive environment for businesses to engage with and develop relationships with prospects, proving them to be an effective tool to generate and qualify hot leads. And of course an exciting exhibition stand with interactive features and an energised sales team comes at a cost, so its vital to drive the highest possible return from this investment in order to keep event marketing in your annual strategy. 


Here are five tactics to help you see an improved return on investment from your B2B marketing events. Follow these steps and your business can really benefit from being active at large industry events.


1. Set measurable goals in relation to leads and conversions – your objective of event marketing might be to network with key industry personnel or build brand awareness, but ultimately it should be driving enough new business enquiries to produce a profit. Set an achievable target and plan, plan plan to ensure your promotional and sales activity at the event is alligned to hitting that target.


2. Design an engaging booth – In2Events are a huge asset to the Lead Forensics marketing team for event activity. They have a strong grasp of the core business objectives and corporate identity, enabling them to produce a mobile extension of the brand that generates leads. Your booth or stand at an event is your shop window so its important to get it right.


3. Tracking the effectiveness of the event with user friendly yet detailed reports  – using an IP tracking tool like Lead Forensics allows you to track which businesses viewed your website whether you engaged with them or not at an event. These data insights can also be used to track pre-event promotional activities such as social media or PPC campaigns. This information can then be used to convert new business leads into long-term clients.


4. Provide live demonstrations – draw in prospects with a compelling presentation or product demonstration to teach them more about your business and the products or services you offer. This opportunity can also be used for capture data, market research or even close sales on the spot. Treat every prospect as a sales pitch and work hard to qualify these leads into potential sales. 


5. Conduct a thorough evaluation – after the event, invest time in an event evaluation including documenting any lessons learnt. Use this process not only to assess the figures but to scrutinise performance and identify new channels or opportunities to increase that ROI in future events. This will provide a range of useful insights including which aspects of the event were most fruitful and resulted in the most qualified leads. 


Many businesses employ a full-time event team to manage their events, there’s no reason why you can’t be in the same position. With good planning and implementation, event marketing can provide an exciting new stream of revenue for your business.

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