7 reasons why tracking website visitors boosts your B2B sales pipeline

Abi Abrahams, Thursday 25 October 2018
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We know how much value tracking website visitors can offer your B2B marketing department; from boosting campaigns to increasing online conversion, website traffic trackers are a must-have piece of marketing technology. But what about B2B sales? As 94% of buyer journeys start online, your website is such a vital part of business success. There is no doubt these tracking tools can also provide serious sales advantages, so let’s explore them…


Valuable data 


No matter what you’re working to sell, every sales team needs data. Data provides an opportunity for success, the more you’ve got, the more likely you are to succeed. However high-quality data is the real goal- obtaining new prospects that have a genuine chance of becoming future clients. This where website visitor trackers can seriously help sales teams. 


Businesses visiting your website have an interest in your brand and a need for what you’re offering; discovering who these businesses are provides your team an exceptional new business venture who can already see the value in your product. This isn’t just another number to call, it’s an engaged business ready to have an open conversation about working with your organization. Businesses driven by this valuable data are six time more likely to profit year-on-year; the power of data cannot be underestimated. 


Real-time information 


Gaining this data is beneficial, but gaining it in real-time? That’s paramount to success. Having the ability to make instant contact with a business immediately after they’ve engaged with your website is powerful; your product is still front of mind, you can instantly answer questions to quell any initial doubts and make an impactful, memorable first impression. Gaining this information in real-time continuously fuels your pipeline with new data whilst providing your team with the best chance of successfully converting this data into actionable business leads.

Responding to registered interest quickly is proven to rapidly increase your chances of sales success- you’re 4000% more likely to properly qualify a lead if you contact them within 5 minutes of their engagement. For the ultimate sales success, ensure the website visitor tracker you choose provides data in real-time. Failing to re-engage your visitors within just 10 minutes of their website visit can seriously reduce your chances of success. 


Referral insight 


Website visitor trackers also provide additional website metrics, including information surrounding how these businesses found your website and discovered your brand. Whilst this is intensely useful for marketers, helping them understand the success of varying campaigns so they can properly design their next, this information is equally useful for sales teams. 


When making that all important instant contact to increase sales success, the referral provides the perfect conversation starter helping you bring their memory back to the online journey they took to discover your brand. If they discovered your brand through keyword searches, this too helps your sales team tailor the call to perfectly suit their business needs. Now you’re able to contact new leads so quickly, it makes sense to use all the information your website traffic tracker provides to ensure that first impression is strong and positive. 


Website journey analysis 


Just as the referral information offers the perfect conversation opener, the journey each visitor makes across your site also offers valuable information. Over 60% of prospects don’t think salespeople meet their business needs on the first call- avoid this rut by being smart with the data your web traffic tracker provides. 


Look at the pages they viewed and decipher what their business is looking for. View any content they downloaded to understand their pain-points and what expertise they seek. Look at how close to conversion they got- did they look at your contact page? All this information helps you prepare a call that properly meets their needs, tailoring your product to their pain-points and offering them the answers they require, without them having to directly ask. This doesn’t just make for an impressive first call, it makes a memorable impression that will ensure leads rocket down your sales pipeline at record speed.


Lead prioritization 


A team with too much data can sink beneath its weight- this is where prioritization is key. Contacting the website visitors that perfectly match your ideal client and have shown the most interest in your brand first will serve your sales team well, gaining the highest quality new business opportunities to ensure they swiftly enter your sales pipeline. 


Many website visitor trackers prioritize website visitors for the user; Lead Forensics for example uses a system called Hot Scores to help users gain their best leads instantly. Allowing the user to set up priority criteria (industry, location, business size and more), Hot Scores then assigns each visit a score, and prioritizes the list of identified website visitors based on this number. Only available with Lead Forensics- book your free demo today! 


Pipeline nurture


Whilst website visitor trackers are invaluable tools when looking for new business opportunities to fuel your sales pipeline, they also offer sales team a huge advantage further on through the buyer journey. These trackers measure every visit, including those returning to your website after your first call, or whilst in negotiation. Understanding the movements of those already playing a part in your pipeline allows your team to conduct follow-up communications responding to brand engagement. 


These communications help leads move swiftly though your pipeline and come out the other side as clients; your team seems consistently attentive and involved with each business they’re working with and their instant communication ensure doubts around your product don’t grow between arranged calls or meetings. Tracking and responding to visitors within your pipeline is just as important as generating new business opportunities. This nurture contributes hugely to ROI, ensuring the leads you’ve generated make it successfully through your pipeline. 




As website visitor trackers measure all visits, they also gather data and information for those who are unconverted; were once involved with your business but went stale and never made it through the other side of the pipeline. There is no better time to starts a retargeting strategy, aiming to re-ignite old leads by sparking up new conversation than after they have visited your website showing a reason for contact to be remade. 


There are many reasons these old leads may have re-engaged with your brand, but there is no time to be wasted in contacting them to find out why! Website visitor trackers allow your sales team to continually move leads both old and new through their sales pipeline, leaving less leads to stagnate and burn out, ensuring more than ever before come out the other side.

Businesses keen to use a website visitor tracker to maximize their sales success need the best tool- they need Lead Forensics. This advanced software uses reverse IP tracking and an extensive privately-owned database to identify the businesses visiting your website in real time, providing contact details for key decision makers, referral data and a full breakdown of every visitor journey.

Not only can you stuff your sales pipeline with high-quality leads, but with sales team assignment and an inbuilt lead management system, you can ensure a healthy pipeline at all stages of the buyer journey. Discover the secret to sales success- book your free Lead Forensics demo today!


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