How To Get More From B2B Events

Lead Forensics, Thursday 13 February 2014
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How to get more from B2B events

Events should be an evergreen tactic within an integrated marketing strategy. They give you an opportunity to connect with prospects in person and creatively demonstrate your core offerings. Exhibiting at events can provide a great source of leads for your business but simply attending B2B events can also be very beneficial.

We take a look at how to get more from the events you attend in 2014.

Pre-event planning

It’s important to set goals prior to attending an event, have an understanding of what you wish to achieve and then you can think about how your time will be spent. Plan your event well in advance by writing a detailed itinerary of the speaker sessions you’ll be sitting in on, the exhibitors you wish to meet and people you’d like to network with. Many events now actually provide an online diary to plan how you’ll spend your time. TFM&A offer this in the way of a ‘Show Planner’ tool which many visitors find useful.

Take lots of notes

Be sure to have your Pukka Pad (other notepads are available) to hand throughout the event to make the most of all the imparted knowledge. No doubt you will be attending a myriad of conferences, keynotes and seminars throughout the event so be ready for some serious jotting. Once you return from the event you could even turn your notes into a new content piece or even relay the findings back to your team.

Be sociable

It’s incredible how many gems you can unearth at an event by simply being sociable. Networking is key to generating strong leads, finding new suppliers or business contacts. Even if the person you are speaking to doesn’t necessarily represent much value, they could potentially unlock the door to some great contacts through their extended network. The power of word of mouth (WOM) should never be underestimated. Be proactive and spark that sought after WOM at your next event.

Many events often include a networking session element, typically once the main event has finished. Get in touch with the event organiser to find out if there will be a networking opportunity and be sure to secure your place. This is the social hub of a B2B event where many likeminded people will be eager to make new contacts for business.

Know your pitch

It’s important to have your ‘elevator pitch’ ready for when you meet new prospects at an event. This is 60 seconds for you to correspond the products or services that you offer in a compelling fashion that has the recipient desperate to hear more. This pitch is make or break for effective B2B lead generation, get it right and you can convert those who are listening into hot new prospects.

Lead Forensics is excited to be exhibiting at this year’s TFM&A on 25th & 26th June at Earls Court 2 London. You can find us on stand C22 where we’ll be giving free live demos on both days.

Do you want to plan your free demo in advance? Email us on with your name, business, contact number, preferred day and time and we shall confirm your demo booking.

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