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Abi Abrahams, Tuesday 4 December 2018
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B2B lead generation is an essential element to every marketing and sales process, contributing hugely to overall business success. This vital process requires an intricate strategy, outlining channels and methods used to gather the number of leads needed whilst ensuring they’re of appropriate quality for your business and product requirements. These processes are all made simpler with lead generation software. With so many varieties to boost a number of channels for increased conversion results, we’ve narrowed down our top five lead generation software solutions, all helping your team gain a bounty of new business opportunities.


Lead generation through email marketing: Dotmailer


Email marketing has boosted results for over 20 years and continues to be an integral part of every lead generation strategy. By 2020, there will be over 3 billion active email addresses in use, and as 86% of business professionals prefer email above any other form of communication, you need to be fully focused on executing exceptional email marketing to achieve the ultimate lead generation success. 


However, managing an effective email marketing approach isn’t easy. Gathering, segmenting and managing your data and building an email properly optimized for increased conversion can prove a challenge without the appropriate software solution. This is where Dotmailer comes in.

Meeting your every email marketing need, Dotmailer allows businesses to properly organize data for an effective campaign, build their ideal email with optimized copy, images and links, then execute campaigns with precision. Gaining detailed metrics for measurement and analysis, marketing teams can easily understand how to amend and improve future campaigns for increased success. Dotmailer provides an elite email marketing solution, the software even helps users build and manage landing pages for each campaign, to gain a full understanding of email conversion. Discover more about Dotmailer, and how it can help your business here


Content management and lead nurture: HubSpot


83% of B2B organizations use a content marketing strategy to gain new leads and improve lead quality with detailed nurture. The average prospect consumes 3-5 pieces of content before they inquire, and when properly nurtured, leads spend 47% more on your product. The argument to run a consistent content marketing strategy strengthens year on year; with 96% of buyers requesting more content with thought leader influence, now is the time to maximize on a content marketing strategy. 


Like any lead generation channel, content marketing poses its own mix of challenges. From publishing and measuring content success, to managing contacts of those engaging with your assets but not yet ready to inquire, using content to effectively nurture and generate business leads isn’t easy. This is why you need a tool like HubSpot.

With broad capabilities for a multitude of marketing ventures, HubSpot provides the perfect solution for those keen to master their content for increased lead generation and nurture. With clear contact management and lead scoring, any prospects engaging with your content can be easily nurtured to conversion. Landing pages, blogs and content assets can be built, optimized and measured to better understand popular topics, and users can send timely communications to improve lead generation through content engagement. HubSpot continues to work with a huge number of businesses, ensuring they can gain incredible results from content marketing. Find out more about HubSpot here


Lead generation on social media: Hootsuite 


In recent years, social media has impacted the B2B marketing sphere heavily, with platforms such as LinkedIn and Facebook becoming integral additions to a lead generation strategy. LinkedIn alone has over 500 million users, along with a business-oriented focus and 40% of their network accessing the platform every day; it’s easy to see what an effective addition this social media outlet can be for your lead generation results. 


But with social media, it’s all or nothing. To see success with this channel, your team will need to create a strong brand presence across all mainstream channels and where possible integrate them to ensure updates are regular and genuine. An equal struggle lies in attributing ROI to social media, understanding which platforms within the channel provide the desired return. This is why marketers use Hootsuite.

This exciting software allows your team to integrate and manage all social media platforms from one dashboard. Users can easily schedule regular posts for increased lead conversion and gain vital platform analysis for detailed ROI understanding. Hootsuite offers a thorough and intricate solution, helping businesses maximize their social media outlook for increased lead success. Discover Hootsuite here


Website optimization for conversion: Google Analytics 


94% of buyer journeys start online- to the modern business, having a website is simply imperative to gaining the ultimate lead generation results. A successful website can convert 5% of it’s visitors; if your website gains 1000 visitors a day, you could convert 50 of them into new business opportunities. This sort of conversion is only possible when offering the perfect website experience, properly optimized and created for lead generation success. 


Discovering the ideal way to layout your website, ensuring visitors engage with your content and respond to calls-to-action is tricky. Unable to read the minds of prospects or directly question every member of your ideal audience, knowing precisely what they want and need from your site can be almost impossible. Google Analytics however, offers a free solution.

Installed on over 50 million websites, Google Analytics can measure the activity occurring on your site, revealing your most popular webpages, providing exciting metrics surrounding website traffic and offering an analysis of conversion success from website CTAs. This helps your team properly optimize your site to better suit your audience’s needs and promote CTAs that entice visitors enough to convert. Get started with Google Analytics here


Lead Forensics: the ultimate lead generation solution 


A truly exceptional lead generation software doesn’t just ensure your team gains additional leads, it ensures those leads are high-quality and have a genuine chance of becoming a sale. As we know how key your website is to businesses success, it makes sense to convert more than 5% of your online audience where possible. Those visiting your website obviously have an interest and need for what you do- and have started conducting research into the possible solutions and products they could invest in. 


You need to identify these business website visitors with Lead Forensics. Using reverse IP tracking combined with our extensive business database, our ground-breaking software can tell your team which businesses are visiting your site. Providing key contact details and a detailed website journey breakdown, your team can instantly follow up every new business opportunity with a tailored approach based on their website visit. Find out more- book your free demo today! 


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