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Lead Forensics, Monday 3 November 2014
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Understanding the 'ripple effect' of your social media is essential if you want to know the true impact of your brand’s social presence. But insight into this elusive channel can be tricky, especially when it comes to maximising ROI and driving engagement.

We’ve had a think about this at Lead Forensics HQ.

Currently, Lead Forensics provides unrivalled insight into your marketing activity (including which businesses visited your website and what marketing channels they came from) – but how could we give you better insight into your social activity, in a wider context?

That’s when we had a little Eureka moment and came up with an awesome new solution - Data Manager.

Data Manager is a new integrated feature within the Lead Forensics portal. It allows you to upload specific contact lists to the portal, identify and track the contacts activity across your website and marketing channels, and pick up historical visits too (awesome huh?).

Ultimately, Data Manager lets you join up the different touch points across multiple marketing channels by uploading your contact lists and tracking this activity.

So what can it do for your social media marketing?

Measure engagement beyond your social networks to drive your social strategy

When 90% of brands say that they measure social engagement, they’re only measuring it as far as their social networks. With Data Manager you can measure your followers (or any other data lists) all-time engagement with your brand across all marketing channels, and your website too – we think that’s pretty nifty!

By understanding the all-time engagement with your brand, you’ll be able to better tailor your social strategy around what content is truly relevant and engaging to your social community and turn them into leads.

Explore your follower data

B2B buyers today are 70 – 90% of the way through their “buying journey” before they even reach the vendor (that’s you) and that includes your social fans too. By uploading your follower data to Data Manager, you can benchmark their historical activity against future activity – which companies follow you on twitter and visit your website almost daily? What pages have they visited on your website historically?

Use this insight to reach out to individual followers with timely and relevant content that could help them make that all-important buying decision.

Identify high quality leads (attribution is key)

74% of B2B marketers say lead generation is their top goal for social media. But when only 8% of companies say they can determine ROI from social activity, there’s clearly still some confusion around how we measure and maximise the return from this marketing channel.

The new Data Manager means not only can you identify high quality leads and repeat visits for your sales team, you can attribute these leads back to their original source with proven data – measuring social media ROI just got a lot easier!

Whether you want better insight into your social activity, events, emails (or any other data), with our awesome new feature you can drive engagement, gain greater insight and maximise ROI quickly and easily – cool huh?

Want to find out more about Data Manager?

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