Motivation hacks: Let your B2B sales team shine

Abi Abrahams, Thursday 15 November 2018
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A motivated sales team is productive and efficient; far more so than a sales team who are just turning up each day to earn their pay check. Pumping motivation and energy into your team on a daily basis doesn’t just improve office moral and outlook, it improves their sales techniques, bringing bigger wins and increased revenue results. But sometimes filling a room with positive, purposeful vibes isn’t easy. On some days, it’s near impossible! Especially when your B2B sales team are experiencing a seasonal slump in results. So let’s discover eight motivation hacks, helping you build a consistent passion and drive in every team member, ensuring they reach their optimum potential. 


1) Automate where possible 


Recent studies found that just over 50% of your team’s daily tasks can now be automated, meaning your team could be 100% more productive! Let’s face it, none of your team get a buzz from gathering and processing data, or repeatedly sending emails. They want to be on the phone or in pitch meeting, doing what they’re best at- selling your product. 


By investing in automation tools that relieve your sales team of time consuming, mundane tasks, you achieve two sales wins in one! You first lift the team morale by offering them more time to work their pipeline prospects and close deals. This also increases their motivation; they now feel excited at the opportunity to do more of what they love and less of what they don’t, making them hungry to succeed and maximize on this additional time. This leads nicely into the second win; because automation has increased team efficiency, you quickly gain a return from your investment, thanks to the additional sales wins your team are now regularly achieving.

Look to your team’s daily routine, and consider what tasks can be lifted from their calendars and happily automated, to increase productivity, moral and most importantly- motivation!


2) Keep tech up to date 


Nothing makes your B2B sales team less inclined to work hard than a lack of functioning, modern equipment. Working with outdated software, or faulty hardware instantly produces feelings of negativity and frustration, distracting your team from their work and causing them to loose valuable motivation. You don’t want them spending more time on the phone to tech support than on the phone to their pipeline! As the world of business relies so much on technology, leaving your team without the sufficient resources can be detrimental to their working morale and your business results. 


Speak to your IT department, and ensure your sales team know how to get the help they need, and how to apply for new hardware when necessary. Look also to the tools they use, and discover the most efficient ways to keep these properly updated across all devices.

Why not also run a quarterly questionnaire, asking your team what technical advancements they think will improve daily tasks and productivity; this is a great way to increase team motivation, giving them a voice about how they conduct their processes, whilst assuring them you’re actively working to constantly improve their employee environment. 


3) Provide relevant content 


Chat to your marketing department and gather some exciting customer testimonials and content assets that share your brand expertise and outline the varying use cases of your product or services. This gives your team an exciting array of material to use when nurturing prospects, and engaging them on social media, increasing their chance of success. It also offers them a new tactic to turn to when struggling to continue lead engagement, helping them see increased pipeline success and avoid lead stagnation. This in turn helps your team feel more positive about each sales venture, knowing they have a strong arsenal of helpful content to work with.


When you feel your team need a motivational lift, get hold of some fresh content to share with them, giving them another injection of positive opportunity so they can approach every lead with a new outlook. Why not help them create a content library of industry or use case specific assets, so they can instantly access the most relevant and impactful material, helping them be more time-efficient whilst making a memorable impression on their sales leads


4) Create a sharing network


A well-motivated salesperson is always searching for new techniques to evolve their skillset and increase success. Why not encourage this behaviour with a sharing platform; an online outlet where your team can share the latest B2B sales news, content they’ve found exciting or top tips about the specific industries you’re targeting. This doesn’t just provide your team with a wider network of resources to improve their sales success, it encourages a form of self-motivation, as they actively search for ways to get themselves fired up and ready for each day. 


There are plenty of free or cheap ways to start a sharing network, even a social media group or forum would work well. Try incentivising your team to take active roles sharing with the network, and be an active manager, setting an example and posting daily motivational quotes. On top of boosting team moral and motivation, this is a great way to welcome new team members, providing them with a stack of exciting resources at their fingertips from day one. 


5) Make sure they’re a team


It’s easy for a B2B sales team to lose motivation if they feel like a group of individuals, quietly working with their heads down. A lack of team communication and celebration can seriously harm motivation, morale and results. A team that bounces energy between them, celebrating big wins and encouraging those who are nervous doesn’t just contribute to a nicer working environment, it instantly lifts team mood and encourages them to motivate each other. Everyone has a bad day sometimes, and the best cure is some team spirit. 


Try organizing a team bonding event to set some solid foundations, then run a weekly huddle for everyone to touch base. We all split our work and home lives in different ways; sometimes a team member may be demotivated because of factors affecting their life away from work. By creating a true team environment, they can work together to ensure every member has the support they need to always be their best. 


6) Share experiences 


No one is perfect, but sometimes a bad call can ruin a salespersons motivation, plummeting their confidence, making them feel like all their hard work has been for nothing. A key to sales team motivation is proving to them that even the best have slip-ups, so they have no reason to believe they can’t rise from the ashes and make a sale on their next call. Encourage your team to share experiences regularly, both good and bad; this helps them learn together about how to best deal with tricky situations and proves to every team member that their worst nightmare call isn’t a reason to lose all hope. 


This also works on a one-to-one level; when a specific team member is stuck in a rut, and totally lacking in any motivation to get back on the phone, tell them about your worst ever call, and how it made you feel. But remind them how closing an amazing sale feels too- that feeling should be their focus. Stop them looking back on negative experiences, so they can look ahead to new ones. 


7) Let them choose incentives 


Many B2B sales teams are driven by incentives, such as a bonus or commission. For the ultimate in team motivation, why not let them choose what incentivises them most? Whether they want a large quarterly incentive such as a holiday, or want to battle it out for a free lunch every Friday, letting your team select their own rewards increases their motivation to succeed and win what they really want. 


This choice behind incentive keeps every quarter different to the last, changing up the benefits on offer to keep your team on their toes, always fighting for the results they want. Open a discussion about reasonable request for new incentive ideas, better understanding what your team want, and what means a lot to them. Some may be very happy with a bonus incentive helping them gain additional funds, but others may be more motivated by a trip to New York City.


8) Get them the ultimate sales software 


One of the best cures for a lack of motivation is to introduce a new sales software that revolutionizes the way your team identify new business opportunities and manage their pipelines. Discover Lead Forensics: the ultimate tool for sales success. Identify the businesses visiting tour website, gaining contact details for key decision makers and a breakdown of their online journey for an impactful tailored follow-up. With lead assignment, visitor alerts and lead management services, this software will evolve your sales process, giving your team the best chance to shine. 


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