Why Measuring ROI From Online Activity Is More Important Than Ever

Lead Forensics, Sunday 6 November 2011
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There's no denying that the majority of B2B customer journeys begin online. It's the first point of call for any initial buying research, filtering and qualifying.

As a result your website has become the single most important tool for B2B marketers, especially where all online and offline activity is driving people to the site. Paid search, social media, SEO, online PR, direct mail, email and above the line advertising all are online drivers.


And now, more than ever, marketers are required to demonstrate increasing accountability of acquiring, retaining and cross-selling online customers, especially where cost-per-acquisition costs are typically much lower when compared to other media.

With 65% of B2B marketers saying they would be increasing budgets across online (MarketingSherpa 2011), the pressure is on!

A real benefit of online is its ability to offer reams of analytics allowing us to measure all on and offline marketing effectiveness, uncovers opportunities to improve website performance and allows simpler measurement of ROI. But online activity has its challenges;


  • Performance data can be difficult to present effectively- senior management need/want to understand online results in the context of the business objective


  • It is difficult to align website metrics to overall business objectives- there is a need for less emphasis on traffic volumes, CTR's and page views, with more focus on return on investment


  • Current analytics tells us the WHAT but not the WHO- analytics tells us WHAT is happening on the website (visitor volumes, page views, exit pages etc) but not WHO is doing it

 Quite simply, Lead Forensics can offer increased visibility, telling you;

  •  WHO, by company is visiting your website


  •  HOW did they find you? What keywords? What referrers?


  •  WHAT did they look at


  •  WHERE did they exit

The increased visibility of traffic to your site gives you and your sales team greater opportunity to convert unknown visitors to your website to actual enquirers. When you know the WHO, you can increase website conversions, convert more leads to customers and satisfying the overarching marketing metric, return on investment.

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